Then… my first year in the classroom

Now! …ready to start my 10th year in the classroom.

Welcome to Universe as Text! This is a teaching blog that discusses topics related to English/Language Arts education in the secondary setting: things like writing, literary studies, reading, speech, dramatic performance, project-based learning, integrating the arts in education, educational technologies, and all else related to the day to day discoveries that I make alongside my students. I’ve been keeping this blog since my days as a pre-service teacher. These posts have chronicled my journey as an educator for the past ten years, and remind me of what a joy that journey has been and continues to be. I try to write at least one post a month in an effort to provide resources and tips to other educators, as well as to explore ideas, share opinions, and reflect on what I feel is the greatest profession on the face of the earth. Follow this blog or “like” the Universe as Text Facebook page to see what it’s all about.

Please note: UniverseAsText.com is Ms. C’s place to reflect on her profession and her teaching experiences. It is important to note that the views and ideas expressed on this site are those of the author alone, not necessarily of her employer or affiliated school district.

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  1. lanie beckham said:

    I would love to use National Geographic in my classroom. Would it be entirely inappropriate to copy and paste your evidence on the benefits of its use and use it on Donor’s Choose in attempt to gain funds for a subscription. I could begin by giving you the credit, and then sharing a link to your site if you’d like. I would also start with some quotes about the idea of begging, borrowing, and stealing…or the avoidance of reinventing the wheel. When there are fresh and fruitful ideas available, we should partake! Having said that, I also totally understand if you don’t want your exact words stolen. Let me know what you think. Please feel free to email me if you’d rather discuss it privately. I’m so glad I found your blog. I just googled Literacy and Power today; I’m feeling desperate to help my students. Thanks. Lanie

    • Lanie:

      Greetings from Wisconsin! I’m so pleased to meet you. Consider this my full permission to quote my wording, though I would appreciate a link to my site as you mentioned. Thanks for paying me such a courtesy by asking. 🙂 Good luck with Donors Choose–I’ve heard that’s a great resource. You might also want to check out adoptaclassroom.org. Hopefully, you’ll get a very generous donor to help you and your students. The more that anything I share on this blog can help fellow teachers, the happier I am. Keep the faith and rock that classroom–I’m sure your kids truly appreciate you and all the work you do for them. …And if you start a blog, let me know!

  2. lanie beckham said:

    I apologize for missing the question mark. Don’t judge! 🙂

  3. Anthony Rubino said:

    Hi Ms. Casey,

    I thought your piece, Beaching, in The Split Rock review was fantastic. I enjoyed the way the graphics helped t tell the story of these beautiful sea creatures. Since I imagine you’re interested in whales I wanted to tell you about a great show I heard on RADIO LAB, on NPR. It was about a whale that got caught in a disused fishing net on the west coast. (Seattle or Portland I think). This crew from an environmentalist boat courageously dived in and saved the whale. The divers were frightened when instead of swimming away, the whale swam back at them. The whale swam to each diver, and gave them a gentle bump to say thank you. It was a very touching story to read about this giant whale doing this.
    If you’re interested, you might be able to find it in their archive.
    Thanks again for you Beached piece.

    Anthony Rubino

    • Thank you so much, Anthony! I’m so glad you enjoyed the piece–I assure you that a great amount of love was poured into it. 🙂 I will definitely look up that RADIO LAB episode; it sounds totally intriguing. And it will only serve to fuel my lifelong fascination with marine life! All the best!

  4. Good afternoon,
    May I use your windows and mirrors image on my website? It’s perfect for my middle schoolers in our pursuit to read widely!

    • Hi, Katie! Absolutely! I sent you the attribution info via Facebook message. Thanks so much for dropping by. Happy teaching and reading!

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