Philosophy of Education


The teacher-student relationship is an ancient and sacred one; one where minds open and hearts yearn for knowledge. This process—education— is the right of every child, regardless of color, creed, socioeconomic status, disability, orientation, past history, or any other distinction.

Human art, whether in the form of a novel, a painting, a song, or a poem, is a pathway to truth. It is vital. It helps us to see new ideas and new viewpoints, assisting us all the while in developing our own.

The ability to read, write, interpret, and speak skillfully is paramount for success in our ever more information-based society. Every student needs to develop these abilities: they help us to express ourselves and relate to others. For this reason, English is an extremely valuable field of study.


A teacher should know her students–where they are in their physical and behavioral development, what communities they belong to, and who they are as individuals. She is committed to helping each unique learner, remembering that each of them is a human being worthy of the best education possible. The teacher should set an example of tolerance and acceptance. This is accomplished through an acknowledgment, understanding, and celebration of the different cultures, learning styles, home languages, races, genders, beliefs, and identities that are represented both in the classroom and in the world around us.

A strong teacher keeps state standards, district learning targets, and personal teaching goals at the forefront of every lesson through clearly thought-out, clearly communicated learning objectives. The lesson planning process must be tempered with substantiated research as well as self-reflection. A good educator also builds community. She creates a positive, engaging social atmosphere in the classroom and includes parents and community members in the education process, enhancing student achievement through parental involvement.

A great teacher approaches the aforementioned challenges with determination, creativity, professionalism, and enthusiasm every day. She ensures, above all else, that her students are safe, that they feel valued and respected, and that they succeed in learning what the curriculum requires. She exudes and fosters a contagious passion to learn.

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