Interview at UW-Milwaukee

Earlier this year, I was happy to revisit the beautiful UW-Milwaukee Writing Center, where I worked as an undergrad, for an interview. The UWM Writing Center, which you can visit by going to The Writing Center Homepage, was one of my first steps as an educator, and has often translated into my teaching. [You can read even more about that in this post from last year.]

In the interview, which is the latest in an ongoing series of short interviews with current and alumni tutors, I was asked to describe how my work in the UWM Writing Center influenced my teaching career. Trust me when I say that these few minutes are just a fraction of what I was able to talk about! The idea of a writing center is a beautifully simple one–to provide a place where student writers can communicate with other, highly qualified student writers to receive feedback without the pressure or power dynamic of a student-instructor relationship. It’s a great idea for high schools, too. I hope that one day I’ll be able to work with my colleagues to start one at my own place of employment. If and when that happens, I’ll continue to draw from the rich supply of experience that I gained in the WC. 🙂