End of Season

Unbelievably, the end of the school year is finally here! I am really satisfied with the way this year has gone and, yes, I think I’ll say it… It’s been the best one yet. I’ve had a wonderful time this year meeting new colleagues and new students, and getting the chance to connect to the people that make up one of the friendliest communities I’ve ever visited. After a year of constant collaboration, particularly with my fellow English teachers Ms. J and Ms. D, I feel like part of a real team. I’m ecstatic to continue building and strengthening our department together. Next year, I will set out on some new intellectual excursions–teaching AP Literature and Composition for the first time, as well as teaching Theater Arts as a semester elective. I’m so excited about both of these, which will allow me to infuse different aspects of who I am (hard core academic as well as a performer) into my teaching. After seeing a year’s worth of the love of learning that students at my school show on a daily basis, I have confidence that next year will be another rewarding adventure.

While 2010-2011 had its trials, I look to the future with incurable positivity. After all, this is the first school that I’ll have the privilege of returning to for a second year of teaching. I am blessed to be a little less transient and a little more secure than in years past. I feel like I’ve planted a garden, and–instead of moving to a new residence before the harvest–I’ll actually get to see and work with things that bloom or bear fruit this September. I may not know where my career will take me, ultimately… We teachers are adaptable, capable, and evolving. But for now, I can say with certainty that I’ve found a home.

Thank you, SFHS, for a fantastic first year! As I close out the season, I’ll hang my orange sign on the door… just in case anyone wonders: “Be right back! ~Ms. H

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