Well, it’s official–I have survived Spring semester, 2008. This has been the most challenging semester of my academic career so far, which *may* explain the recent lack of posting. Now that “summer semester” has come, I intend to mine this semester’s coursework for material to post on. So much learning, research, experimentation, networking, and observation has transpired, and now it’s time to reflect on it.

Here are some of my intended areas of discussion for the coming months:
*Reflections on my observation experiences at two very different institutions, Milwaukee’s Hartford University School for Urban Exploration and Saint Paul’s Cretin-Durham Hall.
*Gender issue concerns in teaching
*What is the “teacher identity”?
*Pedagogy: Art vs. Science
*White privilege and cultural sensitivity
*Curriculum and the Canon
*Teacher communities
*Motivation (for teachers AND students)
*More entries on the “books” page

I expect the next series of postings to flow at a rapid-fire rate, so be sure to visit again soon!